Dedicated services

Protection of competition

We provide advisory services related to competition protection law. The analyses carried out by us will help to minimize the risk connected with the ongoing activity of our clients, as well as with taking strategic business decisions.

In view of the risk that arises from the specificity of competition law, the reduction of the legal risk in this scope is of significant importance for the safety of running a business.

In order to ensure that the entrepreneurs fulfil the obligations imposed on them under competition and consumer protection law, we offer services that include:

  • evaluation of trade contracts in terms of compliance with competition and consumer protection law
  • analysis of planned actions, as well as trade, marketing and economic operations, in regard to the risk of breaching the competition protection law
  • advisory services in cases related to the acts of unfair competition
  • advisory services related to the structure and implementation method of investment processes – in view of the obligation to follow the requirements of the competition protection law, including the analysis of the validity for notifying the intent of concentration
  • consulting and representation of the clients in competition law cases

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