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Audit of Contracts

Regardless of the size of the enterprise, contracts - concluded with contractors but also with suppliers of raw materials, media and service providers – are always basis of its operation.

Even if the business activity is conducted on the basis of oral agreements or orders in each case it will be interpreted as a type of contract between the entrepreneur and the other party.

According to approach of AXELO, paying particular attention to contracts concluded within the course of conducted business activities is a key aspect of successfully running a business. During many years of providing legal services to entrepreneurs we encountered disputes that could have been avoided by properly editing contract terms. These disputes often reached the stage of court or enforcement proceedings, involving the time and resources of an entrepreneur.

We assume that entrepreneurs should be equipped with the proper tool to systematize the legal and tax background of contracts, develop the collection of model contracts and avoid contracting under unfavorable conditions. Audit of Contracts is such a tool.

As part of the Audit of Contracts we offer entrepreneurs, among others:

  • complex legal and tax study of risks which may arise in relation to the applied contracts / model contracts
  • preparation of transparent report identifying areas of risk in applied contracts and recommendations aimed to increase the level of legal security of entrepreneurs
  • legal support in building the collection of model contracts to be used by the entrepreneurs

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