Dedicated services

Succession planning

We provide the development and implementation of succession processes. In cooperation with our economics and insurance partners, we develop tailor-made models based on comprehensive intergenerational transfer of assets, including legal, tax, business, economic and insurance aspects.

The solutions are based on the adaptation of the project to the needs, the nature of the assets to be the subject of succession, adequate protection of the project implementation process and the realization of the business assumptions of the adopted undertaking.

We actively participate in the initiatives supporting the idea of ​​family businesses and the work of teams developing legal  solutions tailored and dedicated to such entities as private foundations, known to i.a. Austrian legislation. AXELO team representatives participate in the Council of Family Companies operating at KPP (Confederation of Polish Employers) Lewiatan among others at developing  jointly with the Ministry of Development of a project related to legislative changes related to the introduction of the institution of the procurator mortis causa.

In the area of ​​management of succession processes, we offer  the following services:

  • design and implementation of succession projects with  a special focus on legal and tax effects
  • pre-deployment audits enabling assessment of  risks associated with the succession process and development of customer-tailored solutions
  • economic and business analysis of the projects being developed
  • drafting of wills using legal institutions enabling the assumed way of transferring property (including debt  collection records)
  • obtaining insurance cover in implementing and maintaining a model of restructuring and reorganization  solutions, (innovative “Cash on the Table” method)
  • implementing solutions that enable the beneficial repayment of claims lodged by the partner’s heirs
  • implementation of restructuring and reorganization solutions in corporate entities or capital groups aimed at preparing assets to be transferred by means of succession

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