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#Ready4RODO™ (GDPR)

Service # Ready4RODO™ (GDPR) was created for entrepreneurs and their real support in the implementation of personal data protection as required by the provisions of the Resolution on General Data Protection (GDPR). Having in mind the range of changes which are indispensable and necessary to implement, AXELO offers an interdisciplinary team of lawyers and IT specialists who will firstly conduct personal data protection audits, prepare a map of the procedures of personal data processing, finally adapting the procedures and preparing the entrepreneur to comply with the new law concerning personal data processing.
Within # Ready4RODO™ (GDPR) we offer the following:

  • comprehensive legal audit covering the protection of personal data
  • development of a RODO (GDPR) implementation support map
  • support for RODO (GDPR) implementation
  • interactive employee training models and implementation of RODO (GDPR) solutions
  • a team of IT developers constantly reviewing the level of personal data security
  • IT threat monitoring and an original warning information system
  • ongoing consulting involving the processing of personal data for e-commerce branches or healthcare institutions
  • an interdisciplinary team of lawyers and IT professionals
  • analysis of the need to appoint the Data Protection Supervisor
  • outsourcing of Data Protection Supervisor’s functions

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